Silver Fox - New Music "Introducing"

Silver Fox are an all-female noise pop quartet from Newcastle who dropped onto my radar thanks to their upcoming debut 7", due for release April 24th via one of the finest indie labels from over the pond, M'lady's. The lead track to the 'Waves On In/ Marble World' single highlights the girls' softer side, a languid pace, gentle instrumentation and gorgeous hushed vocals make for a track that is overwhelmingly intoxicating and beautiful.

Somewhat of a departure from the melancholic air of "Waves On In" are early demos "Arosa" and "Capital Kiss", dominated by hard-hitting drums and deep bass guitar fuzz the formers singing / chanting vocal harmonies are typically lo-fi and remind me of Explode Into Colors or La La Vasquez, while the latter "Capital Kiss" showcases a harder edge, a punky racquet saturates the intro before stumbling, slap-hazard beats make for an uneven flow but through the erratic bursts of sugar-covered venom this is lovely, lovely stuff.

Come down South girls, we might not dance in the Capital but we like to have a good time, honest.

Pre-order 'Waves On In' via Rough Trade here and listen below: