Smoke Fairies - The Three Of Us

The last time I saw the Smoke Fairies they were donning Halloween masks and dressed in black at their Camden Barfly show, so it's nice to be listening to them without worrying my head could be chopped off at any point, I'm surprised (again) to find this is the first post featured specifically (I mentioned Smoke Fairies in both my Great Escape and Primavera reviews last year) about the duo from West Sussex, I'm going to say it's purely a timing basis and their stunning last album 'Through Low Light And Trees' pre-dates the sort of blog I find myself writing now...

The lead single to the girls forthcoming second album 'Blood Speaks' (due May 21st) "The Three of Us" will also be available in its own right as a special four track 9" vinyl on Record Store Day, both releases should be added to your 'want list' if this preview is anything to go by. Combining everything you've grown to love about Smoke Fairies, a unique blend of grungy, dark folk-rock perfectly in keeping with both traditional and bluesy roots with a obvious sign of development, there is a fuller sound from the outset. As ever, the girls excel with their guitar playing, without doubt some of the finest players I've seen live in recent times, "The Three of Us" captures some of their live magic, a stomping full band dynamic and of course, Katherine and Jessica's beautiful vocal harmonies.

You can pre-order the album via Smoke Fairies shop here, though I'd probably wait a little while if you're a collector of all things nice like me as an email gives details of an unspecified 'deluxe edition' of the album to come 'very soon'. The girls also play a 'one-off' album release show at London's Tabernacle on May 28th - tickets.