White Hex - New Music "Introducing"


White Hex are Jimi Kritzler and Tara Green originally from Australia but now residing in Berlin, a location much more fitting for their dark, downbeat post-punk influenced sounds. There are two tracks online for now, both excite me greatly (if that's the right word), fitting someone between the icy chill of Be Forest and more contempory minimalist gothic peers (yes, Bauhaus et al) the duos sound is one that instantly grabs you.

"Holiday" has this incredible drum and bass rhythm that you'd be forgiven to think was Joy Division's, the vocals remain gloriously languid throughout as Jimi coaxes all sorts of delightful noise from his guitar, the brooding melody twirls around your brain as the echoey riffs repeat, transfixing your attention and demanding further listens. That isn't to say "Stranger Love" is any less impressive, with its gloomy bass lead, sinister guitar rumbles and Tara's nonchalant vocals it belongs on a soundtrack to something fittingly bleak and disturbing, yet its propulsive groove is so deep and sexy it'll make you want to get down and dirty at your nearest new wave club, hypnotic,intimidating yet definitely quite gorgeous too.

White Hex are due to release their debut 12" via Avant in June - put it on your pre-order list.