Alice Jemima #3 - Million Dollar Man

It's impossible to do this post without mentioning Lana Del Rey so I'll just fire straight into it, the track here (covered so delightfully by the wonderful Alice Jemima, more on that in a minute) is one of her songs, "Million Dollar Man". Straight up, I don't know the original, I stayed completely out of the LDR debate that swept the Internet towards the end of last year and carried on until about, and somewhat ironically, the time of her record release (surely that's the time when debate should have happened?) but her original tracks didn't get me overly excited so I let other people have that particular discussion, that's the best way if you ask me... if you aren't too interested in something leave it people who are to talk about .

This version of "Million Dollar Man" is so unbelievably gorgeous that I can't help but post it here, Alice said to me that she records her demos on garageband in her home, the quality of them though will surely make some studios jealous, this recording is as ever, impeccable. Delicate beats and guitar twangs provide a melancholic platform for perhaps Alice's finest vocal performance to date. Her soft, hushed vocals will seduce and set your heart aflutter, if you've not heard of Alice Jemima before, get ready to fall in love (though please join the queue behind me and Robin at Breaking Move Waves!).