Art Imperial - New Music "Introducing"

A fantastic way to grab my attention is to make a video which includes a pretty great bit of editing from (a deleted scene from) my favourite ever movie, the incredible In The Mood For Love. Straight away the idea of watching Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung dancing repeatedly for almost four minutes appeals to me, of course in reality it would wane pretty thin quickly if the accompanying music was shit, but given I've watched this around a dozen times already it's safe to say the song is fantastic too.

The track is "Cult of Love" the lead single from the debut full length of Toronto based Art Imperial, the work of just one guy (I think) "Cult of Love" combines a distinctly vintage mix of Spector doo-wap and Motown 60's sounds with a gorgeous surf-pop jangly melody, the nearest modern comparison that instantly crops up in my mind is Tennis (if their relationship had turned sour), thumping drums and twirling guitars combine delightful with the warm vocals. It's cool, it's addictive (both the video and the song) and it's definitely bitter-sweet, somewhat like the movie.

Art Imperial releases the album 'Cult of Love' on May 1st, streaming now on bandcamp.