Beautiful Strange Presents at The Gallery Cafe

Without meaning to use my blog as too much as a platform of self-promotion and putting off people who read this blog because of my normal posts I'd like to use this post to update anyone who may be reading this on my music events nights which run under the name Beautiful Strange Presents (website: so if you're not the sort to partake in live music (why the hell not I ask) or don't live in London this post might not be too relevant to you (apart from having some bloody good music in it).

I started promoting nights at The Old Queen's Head in January, something I've mentioned here previously (the next one is on May 8th with Delta/Alaska + Dark Bells + Fountains - further details) and now I have expanded to host nights at The Gallery Cafe on Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green too. There are two venues there, the first in the cafe itself which holds 100 people in a traditional gig environment, a gorgeous stage with the cafe open for all your nourishment/refreshments and secondly in St Margaret's Chapel, a wonderful 50 capacity room where I plan to run unplugged / acoustic nights (so if you plan on coming and chatting, think again!). Here's a picture to give you an idea:

The first evening in both locations have now been announced and (in my biased opinion) I think the line-up's are pretty special. In the chapel room will be the incredible This is the Kit and Eliza Shaddad (with an opening act to still be confirmed) on Friday May 4th, half the tickets have already gone at just five pounds and are available via wegottickets. The cafe will be open before, during and after to serve drinks etc, it promises to be a memorable evening. It would be great to have a few regular readers of this blog along, do say hello if you can make it.

Then in The Gallery Cafe itself on Saturday 19th May it's my pleasure to announce Maud in Cahoots, Camille Delean and Ellie Rumbold. If you've followed me for a while you'll know I think Camille is one of the most incredible young singer-songwriters (now based) in London and I am delighted to have her playing, Ellie likewise, she's just turned 17 and has one hell of a future ahead of her. Maud in Cahoots will headline and I cannot to hear them live, below is a beautiful live version of "Further I Go" from their forthcoming EP, three stunning acts if I do say so myself!

Tickets for this night are super cheap at £2.50 (Beautiful Strange is primarily a hobby, I don't aim to make a profit, the money taken goes towards paying for the sound engineer, bands etc). Please come and support independent music, I promise more talent on stage than at any Simon Cowell produced event.

The Gallery Cafe is an all ages venue. If you'd like to keep up to date with all my events please follow Beautiful Strange on facebook or tumblr. Thanks, normal posting will resume very shortly and I hope to see you there!