Camden Crawl 2012 Preview - Part Two

Following straight on with part two of my Camden Crawl preview, where part one concentrated on Saturday's acts, this part focuses on the final day Sunday. No beating around the bush, here are my six tips to watch. Venues and times currently unknown.

Evans The Death - Facebook

Another band I'm yet to catch live despite a few near misses are London based five piece Evans The Death, I'll aim to readdress that with their show at the CC, thunderous drums and urgent, scuzzy guitars make the bands blend of grungey power-pop some of the most intelligent and well crafted around at the minute and then when you factor in Katherine Whittaker's sublime vocals, both in terms of voice and delivery, you've got a band that really should be seen.

Lucy Rose - Facebook

Lucy Rose has already melted by heart and mind countless times, during 2012 she is set to do it many more (her debut full length is due later this year). I'm not the only person saying this and her show is (I imagine) set to be very busy, especially if her ever increasing facebook fan count is anything to go by.

If you've let Lucy pass you by so far, listen to her now, she has the type of voice that will soften even the hardest of souls and her beautiful, intimate acoustic songs are heartfelt, hushed and soothing, don't miss her.

Melodica, Melody & Me - Facebook

A new discovery for me (the band have been together for five years), the south London sextet Melodica, Melody & Me produce a charming and rich sound that flutters between nu-folk and roots influences but is very much their own.

What immediately strikes you are the beautiful vocal harmonies. The dual male / female voices perfectly compliment each other , soft and irresistible, it's not all about the vocals of course, the backing instrumentation is equally impressive. I won't start to attempt to cover all the instruments or sounds they make, just say if you've got this far reading this, then you're going to enjoy what lies below.

Novella - Facebook

Some of the bands I'm aiming to see are pretty straightforward choices and have been covered here on numerous occasions, one such instance is Novella. Another of my tips for 2012, I've been recently enjoying their debut self-titled EP (though the vinyl release has been delayed), the band, perfectly capable of producing dreamy, psychedelic guitar lines with luscious vocal harmonies one moment and then seconds later making a whole lot of noise, with sprawling, fuzzed out grungy guitars and big pounding beats. Novella are a great live band, see them for yourself.

Throwing Up - Facebook

If you want to see an act that will grab you by the balls (figuratively) over the course of the weekend may I suggest a trip to see Throwing Up. The London based trio are sure to deliver a show full of raw, blistering pop-punk energy with distorted guitar fuelled noise and fast, punchy drums.

To see what I mean, take a listen to their wonderful single "Big Love" below, leave the coat at home, this one could get sweaty.

Toy - Facebook

On of the bands of 2012 so far Toy heir first single "Left Myself Behind" summed up the buzz, an eight minute runaway rollercoaster that combines the best bits of psyche, krautrock and shoegaze in one glorious track, gorgeous shimmering guitars duel with the korg keys and the consistent drum beats, to keep it simple, it's one of the essential tracks of the last six months. Their second single "Motoring" is due April 16th (on 7″ and download via Heavenly Recordings) and confirms TOY as one of the UK's hottest new properties, aptly titled overloading fuzz-filled guitars and gaudy keyboards make for a slick, infectious ride. Truly superb, hard, dense, melodic, brilliant.

There we go, twelve acts to see over two days, I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze more into the weekend too.
You can view the full Camden Crawl line-up and purchase day / weekend tickets via the CC website.