Chalk and Numbers #3 - Christmas Song

Yes, yes, I've got my religious holidays all wrong I know but I completely missed this wonderful Chalk and Numbers Christmas song back in December, so on the day so good it's actually called Good Friday I'm posting a xmas song.

Frankly who cares for bad timing when a song is this cute and adorable, "Happiness This Time of Year" is sickly sweet, deliciously nostalgic and best of all, fun. I really am happy to be posting it upon my discovery, what's timing anyway? For me at least, it goes as well with chocolate as it does with turkey (yes, I may have overlooked the really meaning of the 'holidays' there)...

As an antidote for the Scrooges and good weather seekers I've also posted the Brooklyn duo's latest track, the more seasonally friendly, "Summer Nights (and Summer Days). Whichever you prefer, you can download the tracks for a price I'm sure you'll agree with, free, right now via bandcamp (also get the wonderful 'He Knew' EP I've previously mentioned for the same price).

Have a great Easter, back on Monday. If these bank holiday's go to your head and you're stuck for something to do on London on Tuesday come here (hint):