Competition Time - Win a signed poster

On Tuesday night I was lucky enough to organise a wonderful night at The Old Queen's Head in Islington. I've stolen the photo below from one of the acts, the equally lovely Alice Jemima, to show off just how the gorgeous the venue is (oh, hello Alice in the picture!).

I put on a monthly night there, see my events tumblr page for more for details on that. The idea of this post wasn't to show of one of London's best small venues, nor to promote my gigs or to review the night (reviewing a night you put together and promoted seems a little odd). Instead I'd like to share a competition to win a poster from the evening, (illustrated by Jess Marshall - please visit her website here: which is fully signed by each of the four acts from the evening, Emily and the Woods, Like Spinning, Anna Lena & The Orchids and Alice Jemima.

Here's a terrible quality picture of what you'll be winning it taken on my phone (it is signed I promise!) and I'll also add a rather unique (well one of 80) Alice Jemima slide, which you can see being made here :

How to enter? Simply Email Me your name and I'll randomly pick a winner from the entries next Friday 20th April and announce who the lucky person is on my facebook page and twitter page (worldwide entries are fine) around lunch time (UK).

This song blew me away on Tuesday, here is Kari playing a new Like Spinning track, "The Hours" taken from another show in Norway a few weeks back. Simply stunning. If you're in London tomorrow Like Spinning are playing at The Gallery Cafe and you should go - details.

If you missed the show, are looking blank and wondering what the hell I'm wittering on about, here's a track from each of the other artists. Yes, you missed a good one...