Echo Lake #3 - Even The Blind


Very glad to have one of my favourite new bands back, Echo Lake have been quiet so far in 2012 but now armed with their finished debut album 'Wild Peace', (due for release on June 25th via No Pain In Pop in the UK, a day later via Slumberland in the US with further details no doubt to follow) the London based boys and girl have released lead track "Even the Blind" for free download, you'll be wise to get it straight away...

Amongst the reasons for my support of the band over the last year is the beautiful, progressive arrangements of their tracks, "Even the Blind" is like a journey in itself, from its dreamy, luxurious outset where Linda's beautiful ethereal coo's, chiming guitars and a metronomic beat purposely lead towards its foot-stomping tempo switch, the drumbeat sees the main shift in intensity in the songs second quarter, hard-hitting and stadium sized they suddenly drop leaving the shimmering textures on a cliff-edge before the track again gathers pace and surges towards its euphoric climax.

To sum up, "Even the Blind" is basically a five minute rollercoaster that's exhilarating, soothing and absolutely wonderful, wild and peaceful, yeah I get that title - roll on the full album!