Father Sculptor #2 - Blue

fathersculptor.bandcamp / fathersculptor.com

Last month I introduced Father Sculptor, a Glasgow based group who rendered me speechless with their debut track release, "Ember". Tomorrow (April 16th) sees that track made available via bandcamp for free download alongside a new track "Blue", which is where my attention falls today...

"Blue" continues to raise its cap towards the 1980's, the shimmering intro sets the tone for the dramatic and emotive soundscapes to follow, awash with marvellous guitars, clever lyrics and fantastic atmosphere it's the smooth, clear vocals that steal the show. Oozing with confidence and style, majestic and theatrical "Blue", like "Ember" before it, is a track that confirms Father Sculptor to be one of Scotland's hot prospects. Make sure you grab the single tomorrow.

Can't wait? Stream below: