Foreign Slippers - New Music "Introducing"

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Foreign Slippers are a London dwelling duo based upon the work of Swedish native Gabi Froden who self-released an album and an EP last year, but their EP 'It All Starts Now' (which incorporates some tracks from the album and is due 14th May via Adventures In Gramophone) is my introduction and is where I'll start...

The beautifully rich Scandinavian folk-pop track "It All Starts Now" hits you in the gut as soon as Gabi's vocals enter, her vocals are incredible, haunting and beautiful, soulful and comforting, there's something there that instantly warms you and draws you in. The delicate melody builds around its heartfelt lyrics to a sweeping chorus, increasing in momentum as the instrumentation gradually gathers pace its rejoiceful chorus is bewitching and powerful. Quite the introduction to a bands sound, equally impressive is the EP closure, a stunning cover of one of Abba's final and finest moments, the bitter-sweet "The Winner Takes It All", Gabi's icy delivery over slow rat-a-tat beats, twilking keys and tom tom drums is genuinely beautiful.

I've also included a video for a track from last years album, "Avalanche", a wonderful pop song with a creepy video (am I the only one who find puppets disconcerting?!). What a voice.