Golden Fable - New Music "Introducing"

Another long overdue post here, North Wales duo Tim McIver and Rebecca Palin might be better known to some of you as members of Tim and Sam’s Tim and the Sam Band but they came to my attention in their current guise as folk / synth-pop act Golden Fable and through the lead track from their second single, the spellbinding "Always Golden".

Golden Fable is a perfect name to describe the duo's ethereal pop, "Always Golden" flutters with a luminescent melody as Rebecca's spectral vocals give leave a gorgeous mark on the track, her angelic voice awash with melodramatic synth rhythms, soaring string arrangements and shimmering textures, a track that can be defined as nothing other than beautiful.

Its b-side "Blueprints" is similarly atmospheric and celestial, the glacial vocals are equally stunning but it's the combination of glistening soundscapes and twitching beats that steal the limelight this time around.

I'm yet to see Golden Fable live but they come to me highly recommended. The duo next play in London on May 24th at a venue I know quite well, the magnificent Old Queen' Head. A perfect combination you might say. The single 'Always Golden' can be download from bandcamp for less than a quid right now.