The Great Escape 2012 - Preview (Part Three) Saturday

So here we are at the third and final part of my preview of The Great Escape 2012, you can find Thursday's preview here and likewise Friday's here, no need to beat around the bush with introductions to a third part, straight on with Saturday's bands to see (in my opinion). Again I've limited it to seven acts, to give both time to enjoy Brighton and for me to write this. I've also decided to leave out the three bands I picked as tips for the Camden Crawl to avoid too much duplication with those posts (sorry Stealing Sheep, Novella and Echo Lake, I'll still try and see you!).

The Hydrant, Saturday 12th May 13.00 (Alt Escape)

Like Spinning would be worth half the entrance fee to The Great Escape alone but this as this show is an alternative escape, you don't even need a festival wristband to come, an incredible line-up at The Hydrant on Saturday starts with Redwood red who I'm also hoping to catch before Like Spinning take to the stage.

Like Spinning are now in the higher echelons of my favourite acts, for proof why watch the video below of Kari performing an absolutely sublime new track called "The Hours", it was even better than this at The Old Queen's Head gig a few weeks back. I can't wait to see Like Spinning again and have those goosebumps return.

The Hydrant, Saturday 12th May 15.15 (Alt-Escape)

Emily and the Woods also earns my highest possible recommendation (and also played so exquisitely a few weeks back at The Old Queen's Head), Emily not only possesses the most beautifully natural voice that instantly eases your burden and writes flawless melodies with reflective, introspective lyrics but also has the most enchanting and humorous stage presence, that has an audience in the palm of her hand, my advice is simple, come and be one of those disciples.

Emily & The Woods - More Like Me from vProject on Vimeo.

The Hydrant, Saturday 12th May 16.00 (Alt-Escape)
St Mary's Church, Saturday 12th May 19.45

Staying in the same venue (I told you the line-up was good), Karima Francis is up next, a completely different voice to Emily before but one that is equally beguiling. Soulful, rich and impassioned, Karima's auto-biographical lyrics are heart-felt delivery is the perfect compliment for her show stopping voice.

I'm repeating myself I know, but I promise you, come to Hydrant for on Saturday afternoon and you won't be leaving in any hurry (especially when Stealing Sheep are playing too, the reasons they aren't featuring in this preview is mentioned above but they were the best I've ever seen them at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen last week and are highly recommended).

The Louche - Facebook
Pav Tav (Upstairs), Saturday 12th May 20.30

After I finally leave The Hydrant I'm looking forward to catching Manchester four piece The Louche, their luscious shoegaze soundscapes, drenched in sumptous fizz, downbeat beats and delicious girl-group vocals are exactly the sort of think to kick start a Saturday night of music and is exactly the sort of music I love. Quite why they've not featured here before this paragraph is quite beyond me. One to be continued...

Haim - Facebook
Psychosocial Basement, Friday 11th May 21.45
Audio, Saturday 12th May 20.45

America's answer to The Staves is probably a harsh introduction to Haim, but it's about what all I muster up on this Saturday morning (sorry) - and one that besides their family ties and long flowing hair is one that's not too accurate.. There's an undoubted TLC vibe to the Haim sisters too, their voices are strong and raw, their harmonies undoubtedly hit harder than those of the Staves and their guitars hark more the 70's rock then folk, with booming percussion "Better Off" packs one hell of punch. If NME pick up on Haim, they're going to be huge. Perhaps Haim will be one of the acts who provide an 'I was there' moment like Warpaint's show of a few years back.

We Are Scientists - Facebook
Coalition, Saturday 12th May 22.00

After all most three days of running around Brighton checking out as much new music as I can possibly manage I am extremely excited about the prospect of seeing We Are Scientists again, I last saw them playing at Camden Barfly before the release of their last album, there might be an ounce of truth to talk that they've not matched their debut (although I love 'Brain Thrust Mastery' too) but give me the chance to be spilling beer jumping up and down and singing every word of (the perfectly titled) "The Great Escape", "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "After Hours" towards the end of my Saturday night and there is only one answer. Viva 2005.

EMA - Facebook
Pavilion Theatre, Saturday 12th May 23.45

EMA was one of the acts of The Great Escape 2011, her gig on the Saturday night at Jam was easily one of the best of the weekend (probably second to Josh T Pearson's) and although the venue here is probably five times as large I'm looking forward to a feeling of déjà vu as I come towards the end of 2012's festival. I'm sure countless others are thinking the same.