Greta Isaac - New Music "Introducing"


Greta Isaac, a young singer-songwriter from Cardiff is one of those rare talents, one that upon listening to a few demos shared with the world via soundcloud you know possesses the 'something' that will, in time, take her towards the top of her game, her soft captivating voice will melt the most apathetic of hearts with a songwriting talent that belies' her 16 years.

"Signs" is the one that does it to me, its beauty is beyond the following words. Her instrumentation is quite simple, it's all that it needs to be, gentle acoustic guitar plucks allow Greta's delicate vocals to bring you goosebumps, pure and innocent, it's the sort of voice that would make just about anything feel better, soft, soothing and just simply gorgeous.

The latest demo "Hold Her Hand" similarly beguiles, had a hard day in the office and want to unwind? You couldn't ask for more than Greta Isaac.