Honeyslide - New Music "Introducing"


I'm aware I've been a bit folk-centric with my posts the last couple of weeks or so, it's to be expected that I go through phases of one particular type of music, there was a predominately shoegaze period last year, this blog is, and will always be, a journal of my music tastes. I post what I like when I come to find it, it's with that where I introduce London based noise-sludge four piece Honeyslide whose grunge / slacker-pop / shoegaze sound exploded onto my horizon last week, the three songs on their soundcloud form their debut EP (couldn't find any fixed details for a release) and they've made quite the impression in the blogging world already.

My favourite is "Drippin'" which reminds me a little bit of Trailer Trash Tracy's, the languid pacing and dreamy, spaced-out vocals circle around your head as they blend swooningly with lashings of shoegaze guitars and heavy sludge, hazy and beautiful, it's a track that deserves the praise it's already received (recently played by Jen Long on Radio One Introducing). "Made For You" sees twangy guitar and precise drums provide the platform for echoed vocals to resonate like ghosts of 90's past, the thick tempo changes though are where the track comes into it's own. Quite incredible.

Honeyslide played their debut live show last week, signs are they'll be ones to watch, which you can on their next outing on May 17th, Upstairs at The Garage - details.