Love Like Birds - New Music "Introducing"


Most bloggers will say one of the best ways to discover new artists is to trawl through support artist listings for gigs / venues that interest you, well I was looking at the Dark Dark Dark show listing in London a couple of weeks back and came across this artist, the support for their show at Bush Hall Love Like Birds (the pseudonym of Belgian singer/songwriter Elke De Mey), who released a five track self-titled EP towards the end of last year...

It is, in a word, stunning. Elke has a beautiful, warming voice that caresses your mind and the delicate, intimate nature of her songcraft is bound to tug at many a heartstring. Opener "Oscar" sets a soft and dreamy tone where fragile guitar plucks provide the only accompaniment for her hushed, soothing words, a track that will make you want to grab a blanket, close your eyes and think of better times.

The highlights, for me, are when the EP is at its most vulnerable, like on the bare-boned "Heavy Heart", deeply felt and subtly delivered, the honesty of the lyrics and tone of Elke's voice is aching and bruised, I find myself completely drawn in as it touches my soul and send shivers down my spine and likewise when the guitar is swapped for a piano on the closing track "Cold Ground", similarly restrained with a haunting simplicity, her sad, longing vocals drench melancholic keystrokes to finish the EP on a lonely, heart-felt note.

I find myself introduced to s a singer/songwriter with a seemingly effortless, natural talent with the potential to make a real impact here in the UK, I'm not quite sure why I can't see any UK coverage thus far if I'm perfectly honest. Let this be the start. An EP you are going to want to buy, which you can on CD via Love Like Birds own shop or digitally via bandcamp. The next time she's in London, consider me there.