MayMay - New Music "Introducing"


Here we have something quite spectacularly beautiful,  MayMay is Laurel Simmons from Arizona who recorded her debut, self-titled EP as long ago as the winter of 2008 in Portland, why it's taken until 2012 to be released I'm not too sure, but let's not worry about that, now it has seen the light of day (via Japanese label Flau) I'll just enjoy it instead... The EP simply put is five minimal, spacious tracks that will make your heartstrings flutter, Laurel's voice is soft, pure and angelic, accompanied throughout by sparse and fragile melodies built around gently plucked guitar, elegant strings and downbeat percussion 'May May' really is a thing of beauty.

Take a listen to "Born A Fable" below and you'll soon see the reason for my superlatives, I can't make my mind up if the overriding feeling I'm getting is wistful melancholia, soothing warmth or sleepy daydreams, probably because it's bits of all three, sad and reflective but always emotive and gorgeous, "Born A Fable" twinkling glockenspiel is both the prettiest of things and melancholic at the same time. "All is Still" is lovely and drowsy, transporting you to a blissful place between dreaming and awake while perhaps my favourite is "May Month", a simple, understated acoustic guitar ballad, where Laurel's haunting vocals are achingly beautiful.

If your Japanese isn't too, it's probably easier to order via Norman Records.