PINS - New Music "Introducing"

Are Manchester four-piece PINS about to be swept away in a blog frenzy? Probably. Is that frenzy justified? Probably. Am I happy to add to that frenzy? Definitely...

I've been following the group on facebook / twitter for a while now, after what seems like an eternity (probably a couple of months) of hype building, a teasing intro video on their website and some great live show reviews (sadly the only London date I've been aware of clashed with Veronica Falls / Novella so I had to miss it), today finally saw the release of PINS debut single "Eleventh Hour" (available on download and a soon to sell out limited cassette via the band themselves).

The reason why I'm happy to wax lyrical about them off one three minute track is simple, it's a fucking great track that doesn't disappoint any of my sky high expectations. Right from the initial impact of dark, powerful hard-hitting drums and layered guitars whirring ferociously it stirs up something in you, the droning riff hypnotises and doesn't let go, the brooding vocals similarly coerce you, part sugary and part commanding, the video is similarly wonderful, the perfect backdrop for the girls blend of 90's influenced noise-pop and 60's psychedelia. PINS are here to be your new favourite band, they're certainly on my short-list already.