RETRIEVER #3 - The Curse

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I picked up on RETRIEVER in middle of last year and followed up with the lead song to their three track single "Happiness Falls" at the start of this, so it makes perfect sense to make it a third posting on the Newcastle trio with the release of the other songs that make up that single (due next week, April 16th) "The Curse" and "Setting Sun", the timing is about right too, after four days off work I'm definitely in the frame of mind for some dark, uncompromising post-punk on my return...

If you've been introduced to the bands sound before then you'll not be surprised by "The Curse", the scene is cast immediately with a pummelling drum machine beat, don't expect much sunshine here, "The Curse" is a relentless breed of all things black. Next come the guitars, heavy and shrouded in murky distortion driven by deep, moody bass fuzz, by the time Jackie's Miller aggressive vocals enter the fray you're already hooked, her bitter delivery is perfectly placed amongst the walls of noise, commanding every inch of your attention. The other track "Setting Sun" is even more intense, pounding and hypnotic beats take centre stage amongst twisted guitar howls, it's jagged and venomous throughout, RETRIEVER are here to blow your socks off.