Shy Around Strangers - New Music "Introducing"

Here's a post I've been meaning to post for two months now, New York trio Shy Around Strangers have since amassed an incredible 4k + facebook followers and critical acclaim from around the global with just one song, the debut track to be released from their debut EP (due August), "Never Look Down".

A few listens later and it's not hard to see why, the potent combination of racing drums, huge guitars, keys and vocalist Emily Powers' husky vocal delivery is immediately alluring, Emily's voice comes from a similar field to that of Shirley Manson or Emily Haines, it's powerful from the outset and the choice to make it so prominent in the mix was definitely a good one. "Never Look Down" hits you like a freight train and pulls you along for the journey, an exhilarating ride that can only get you excited for more.

To highlight another side of the band, they've also shared an acoustic version of the same track, gone is the glitzy 80's rock, instead, paired with a stripped-bare acoustic guitar the track takes on altogether more melancholic route, one that's completely different from the electric version but equally rewarding and overwhelmingly beautiful.