You Me & Us - New Music "Introducing"

Californian trio You Me & Us make the sort of fuzzed up, supercharged garage-pop that I can't help but fall for as memories of the UK's early summer's days have all but faded under blankets of threatening grey clouds. Available for free via bandcamp, their debut six track EP 'Paperweights' runs at just ten minutes but its concise, sweet and infectious tracks will stay with you much longer than that.

Their location rubs off on the sun-kissed nature of the recordings, shimmering like the Californian sun on the exquisite "Bright Red Marker" while closing track "Paperweights" similarly blasts out surf-rock riffs, frenetic drums and gorgeous vocals. It's these three key attribute throughout, the noisy "California Street's" pummelling drum and jagged guitar jangle equally worthy of praise.

The playing maybe slightly dishevelled at times but the bands youthful exuberance more than makes up for it, retaining a real sense of fun throughout, killer hooks and Carlee's adorable vocals illuminate "Off Pudding", a real tornade of a track where I could just as easily throw in a lazy, early Best Coast comparison too.

The EP is almost a year old now so hopefully a future release is brewing round about now. Listen / download below:

You Me & Us - Bright Red Marker