2:54 #7 - Creeping

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Like London buses my 'Tips for 2012' are announcing news quicker than I can keep up at the minute, the latest are 2:54 who've teased us further ahead of the release of their debut album (due May 28th) with the release of new / old track "Creeping" (with a single release June 18th via Fiction).

The track is one of the first songs which I heard by the London based sisters nearly two years ago now, the original demo band on garageband introduced their now trademark atmospherics, dark and brooding melodies that are equal parts menace and alluring. This spruced up version with slicker production makes the track even more moodier and the extra guitar riffage in the outro is simply wonderful.

If that wasn't enough we've also been treated to the first three minutes of an album track "Easy Undercover", soft dreamy vocals and some of the most hypnotic guitar lines I've heard from the siblings give a tantalising glimpse, simmering beautifully, ominously the track fits in perfectly with the already impressive collection of tracks. The self-titled debut is definitely going to be one that features highly in my, and no doubt countless others, end of year lists.

You can pre-order signed copies of the album via Record Store. 2:54 are due to play a free London show at Rough Trade the same week, May 31st with their biggest headlining show to date the following week on June 7th at Scala - tickets.