All We Are - New Music "Introducing"


I discovered All We Are a few weeks back via Stealing Sheep. At their recent London show they were selling some handmade split CD's with four of their own tracks and four tracks by another Liverpool based band (All We Are are another band who homed their skills at LIPA, the same school as a number of artists featured here already) that I hadn't heard of at the time, it turned out to be the bands debut EP.

As ever it's taken me some time to finally get around to playing the CD but I'm glad I did, there are certain unmissable similarities between the two acts that make them perfect foil for one another. "Trainspotting" the lead track from the trios (yes, numerically they are the same too, they also both have stand-up drummers) second EP 'We Hunt' echoes with a similar, otherworldly ambiance, there are hand-claps, psychedelic melodies, off-kilter beats and to-die-for vocal harmonies. It's enchanting and compelling throughout but that's not to say All We Are are a clone of Stealing Sheep, they've more than a number of their own unique identifiers, displayed in abundance throughout their two releases to date.

"Satellite" sparse mellow instrumentation, languid beats and sense of space sounds more like a harmony laden xx and equally beautiful is "Red Sky" which shimmers with luscious guitar twinkles and military drums before a soaring to a Wicker Man esque conclusion which sees Guro Gikling's ethereal vocals transform into that of a dreamlike séance amongst hypnotic drums and gorgeous guitar twinkles.

All We Are certainly deserve their own praise, listen below and discover them for yourself.