Alloy Ark - New Music "Introducing"

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Suffolk based quartet Alloy Ark dropped onto my radar recently with a trio of soundcloud tracks that have already got a handful of bloggers excited and make me happy to add myself to the list. They appear to have been around for a while, with a 2010 review calling them a 'twee duo', now expanded to a four piece, their sound is bit more filled out than that but is hard to accurately pin down, it flutters perhaps somewhere between indie and garage pop.

"Did She Tell You" shimmers with gentle drum and guitar lines providing a blissful, delicate platform for Dani Apadoo's ethereal, angel-like vocals to shine, equally slick and smooth is the tracks production. Beautiful in every way, it's a fine introduction to the band.

"Blue" turns up the fuzz levels, the chugging grunge guitars and languid beats are drenched in sun and makes me which I was outside in a summers' day garden with the stereo turned up high instead of inside looking at a sky with 99% cloud cover.

Their third offering is the more upbeat, mellow groove of "All I Want", which is equally gorgeous and inviting, twinkling keys and jumping rhythms showcase a fun, sweeter side to the band, the aforementioned vocals again radiant and playful. With a debut 7" due in December, I doubt this is the last you'll hear of Alloy Ark.