Big Wave #2 - The Roots of Love

It's fair to say the Soft Power Records are on fire at the minute, a swift return after the sold-out September Girls cassette (I did tell you to act quickly) sees the Scottish based label release the second (and first physical) EP by Torquay's Big Wave. Following up their wonderful 'Another Year or Two' EP which stole my heart just before Christmas is the five track 'The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down')...

Two (or three if you count the reappearance of the perfect slice of summer sunshine pop in "Another Year or Two") tracks are available to preview now and fans of beautiful, pure and well crafted indie-pop should be ready to fall in love. "Circumstance" serves as an ideal introduction, bathed in sweet dreamy vocals, the five piece's jangle guitars, shimmering keys and skittish drums provide a melody likely to melt icebergs, or at least cause the sun that we're due this week to arrive in timely manner.

"Leavers Party" changes things up with a shift up in pace, more mid 90's indie than the Sarah's Records influenced sounds I've heard from Big Wave previously, it works too, with a bouncy keyline, stomping beat and reverb heavy vocals it's ready to fill indie club dance floors just as soon as they release we don't all want to be listening to Kasabian and the Kaiser Chief's.

One of the tracks you'll have to buy the EP for is probably my highlight, "Blissed Out", a perfect title for the care-free nostalgia of the band, breezy and overwhelmingly luscious. With that tease I should give you the release details, the limited five track cassette is released 11th of June, keep your eyes peeled via the links above for order info.