Cosines - New Music "Introducing"

Getting out there and watching live music is in my opinion the best way of finding new music, recommendations help too narrow the search but sometimes just taking a chance on music is all you need to do, I had a few hours spare on Monday afternoon and did just that. The next couple of posts show off my findings, talent sniffer that I am and all (sarcasm alert).

Cosines are a new indie pop band based in London led by Simon Nelson and Alice Hubley who've been in various indie-pop bands before but have come to my attention in this, their latest band. My destination, The Lexington hosted what was only the groups second ever gig and first as a five-piece (bassist cut from picture) and their upbeat tunes brightened up the dark upstairs room as they opened up an all-dayer headlined by the wonderful Comet Gain.

Two tracks from presumably the bands forthcoming first release (for now left as simply 'Coming Soon...') are up for all to hear on bandcamp, both highlight a sound that revivalists of the retro, electro slant of distinguished labels such as Sarah Records are going to fall head over heels for...

The swirling "Out Of The Fire" sees jaunty synthesisers, punchy drums and spiralling guitar blend perfectly with Alice's wonderfully accented vocals to create a wistfully cool melody that can do nothing but brighten your mood, similarly the more playful "Hey Sailor Boy!" charms with a breezy ease. A toe-tapping beat and sea-faring wit, you can't ask for more than that to put a smile on your face.

See for yourself with streams below. Cosines return to The Lexington on May 21st - details.