Dark Horses - New Music "Introducing"


Sometimes I get put off listening to bands because of the initial judgement I make on them, quite often when you remove the blinkers those predetermined reasons turn out completely wrong, Dark Horses were one such instance...

Their press release states a support slot with Kasabian (don't get me wrong, I liked Club Foot as much as many others back in 2005, but this is 2012), I was expecting a Kasabian-clone, swaggering lad-rock that has been heard time and time again and surely by now is ready to be consigned to history, but, as I've already said, stereotypes and generalisations are often way off the mark.

Previous single "Alone" introduces hallucinogenic pysch-rock melodies, pulsing electronica and alluring vocals, dressed in black leather the monochrome imagine of the Brighton / Swedish six-piece seems as much as part of the bands image as the claustrophobic, repetitive Kills esque beat. New track "Radio" equally plays homage to krautrock with its experimental, darkly atmospheric buzz and circling psychedelic riffs, the heady rhythmic pulse of the song combining perfectly with Lisa Elle's intoxicating siren-calls.

"Radio" is due for release in July with the band playing a London show at Electrowerkz on Wednesday 13th June.