Dott - New Music "Introducing"

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Dott, a trio / quartet (info seems to state foursome though I'm getting the impression they are now a trio) hailing from Galway (Ireland it seems, certainly knows the way to my heart of late) who released their debut EP 'Button' last week, it stood out from a whole host of mails I had waiting for me in my inbox after The Great Escape for a number of reasons, firstly the use of the words 'harmony-driven garage pop' in the press release, words such as those guarantee a (usually belated) listen from me. Formed as recently as January this year the band haven't wasted much time to get their debut release 'out' (via Popical Island and is available here / US here).

I can't do much better than harmony driven garage pop if I'm honest, to be concise that it essentially the sound of Dott, on tracks like the opener "Seen You Lately" there's a grungy sheen to their sound, thick guitar riffs repeat around the sweet vocals but it's grunge in the nicest possible way, similarly "Leave Tonight" is a simple, sweet indie pop song with a lick of fuzz wrapped in gorgeous harmonies.

The EP's is "Let's Do It", a track that is simply perfect for days like this, the sun is shining and you feel good. "Let's Do It" will make you feel super good, with its repeated catchy refrain of "Let's do it, let's do it, let's fall in love" it's super cute, super fun and super wonderful. Yes really, that many 'supers'. Propelled by shiny guitars and precise drumming it's the sweet harmonies that are the killer, beautiful and uplifting. I'm far too old and miserable to do it but even I can imagine running around an evergreen field eating ice cream and throwing daisies at the girl you've had your eye on, if a track can do that to me, then it's got to be a one to cherish...