Fever Fever - New Music "Introducing"

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Norwich trio Fever Fever are a band I've known about for a while but it was only the release of a quickly sold out tape via Kissability (now available on a second pressing here) that I sat down and listened to them, I'm regretting not seeking them out sooner. The single's title track "The Chair" is overwhelmingly wonderful...

From the relentless drumming to the chugging guitar and buzzing bass-lines "The Chair" is an absolute monster of riffs-and-rhythm, grabbing your attention with grizzly, ear-splitting blasts of distortion, raw, unfussy and full of urgency. The deadpan vocals, half-spoken and half riot-grrrl, sharp and full of punky attitude. Uncompromising from the start, Fever Fever have catapulted themselves onto my horizon of fine noisemakers.

You can catch them brewing up the said storm at The Great Escape on Thursday with a few other dates up on their website here.