The Horn The Hunt #2 - Gold

A very much overdue update on Leeds band The Horn The Hunt, I fell for them with the stunning "Raptor" some eighteen months ago, their second album, last years 'Depressur Jolie' lived up to its promise, the title track introducing their sound well, pulsing synths, marching beats and strong, brooding vocals.

Singles "Old Town Cow" enchanted with eastern strings and clattering rhythms while "Animal Magic", an edgy dance track with throbbing bass, beasty beats and wonderful lyrics sees Clare's empowered vocals chant out ritualistic choruses, commanding and electrifying throughout it's an album well worthy of a belated mention.

In a time when left-field electronica is as popular as ever (Zola Jesus, Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami etc) it's strange to see this daring, eclectic act overlooked by many (I'll have to include myself there as I didn't mention them at all in 2011), perhaps new track "Gold" is the one to bring The Horn The Hunt to a larger audience, the first release from their forthcoming third album the track will be released as a limited 7" single on June 26th (available to pre-order now via bandcamp).

"Gold" introduces itself in dramatic fashion, pounding beats, jagged guitar hooks and soaring vocals (arguably the best of any THTH track to date),thunderous and atmospheric it's stadium sized and immediately grabs your attention. B-side "Lungs" is slower and more ambient, a spooky guitar line and hushed drums provide the platform for Clare's bewitching vocals to captivate, highlighting another side to The Horn The Hunt but one that's just as enjoyable.