HUNK! - New Music "Introducing"


HUNK! are a brand spanking new band from Dublin who came to my attention because a couple of people in my facebook timeline 'liked' them, a simple but effective means of discovery, how very modern.

It's a great name, I hope they'll be able to keep it without an old American hardcore band coming out of the woodwork with it trademarked a la everyone's favourite band Brother (RIP, sob). I'm not going to start declaring them as the saviours of music, far from it, the two tracks they've put on their soundcloud are quite simple and is nothing that's not been done before (here I could mentioned the rudimentary Ramones, Vivian Girls, Phil Spector yadda yadda influences) but just like fellow Dubliners September Girls Hunk manage to sound fresh and instantly manage to tick all of my boxes.

"I Want To Be Brave" (hello Richie and The Fonz!) starts with slow, melodic guitar riffs slopped in syrupy fuzz and gorgeous harmonies before at half way it changes from hazy surf-rock to full on noise-pop with frenetic drums and thrashing grunge guitars, a delicious change of pace and clattering energy that grabbed my attention of first listen and has still kept it after a half dozen or so more.

"Laidbare" equally impresses, from the moment the bassline starts, quickly followed by thumping drums you immediately forget the days woes, an explosion of upbeat, fast-paced reverb-soaked garage noise. Fans of darkly sweet lo-fi / punk-pop need only apply.