Las Kellies #2 - New UK Date / Erase You

Last June I went to see Argentinian trio Las Kellies on whim, I'd heard a track before and it sounded just my thing so I went along to their show at Madame Jo Jo's and it ended up being one of the most fun, engaging shows I saw all year, a whirlwind of short, sharp energetic tunes that left you short of breathe and happy and if that's not the point of live music, then I don't know what is.

The good news (and reason for this post) is the girls are back, Las Kellies play throughout Europe over the summer with a confirmed show in London on July 18th at Brixton Windmill (tickets). The full June / July tour dates can be found via the bands facebook here. The line-up will be 1/3 different this time around with bassist Betty having left the group to pursue a solo career and being replaced by Adri, I'm sure I'll warm to her just as immediately.

If you're new to Las Kellies I've included a few samplers below, their version of ESG's "Erase You" spells out what they are about, raw and catchy, with throbbing bass grooves, slap hazard drums and shimmering guitar while the live video for "Perro Rompebolas" hints at their explosive show. Las Kellies don't really fit in any genre, there elements of post-punk, dub, funk, pop, reggae and more, don't worry about pigeon-holing them, just enjoy...