Metric #2 - Speed The Collapse

Three of my last four posts have been by some of the 'buzziest' bands around this week, what can I say, the bands I've wanted to write about (which tend to be what I'm listening to at that very moment) have been popular with other writers too. I have and will always stick to the title of this blog 'Just Music That I Like'.

This blog is (and again will always be) an unaffiliated, independent blog that I run amongst many other things in my life, I'm not all of sudden craving more blog hits and traffic from people searching for popular acts, if I did that I'd make sure the words Lana Del Rey and remix featured on every post. If you've already read about this track (or listened too, I'm pretty sure most people don't read most of the waffle and head straight for the soundcloud links), you can always ignore this post.

Like London buses Metric haven't wasted much time with promo for their forthcoming album 'Synthetica', promptly following up the hard hitting "Youth Without Youth" with the similarly stomping "Speed The Collapse", screeching guitar, upbeat, metronomic beats and Emily's sensual vocals provide an equally delightful track, soaring and uplighting. Consider 'Synthetica' two for two and my appetite fully whet for the album (due June 12th). Pre-order the CD for just £3.49 plus (rather steep postage) now.

I've mentioned my disastrous relationship with Metric's live show before, I'm eager for July 2nd (Metric by London's Shepherds Bush Empire - tickets) to come around so I can finally say I've broken by duck, I'm sure they'll be worth the wait too!