No Joy #4 - Junior / New EP

Back in 2010 I instantly succumbed to Canadian noise makers No Joy, their debut 7" introduced their whirlwind blend of 90's grunge and shoegaze, they quickly followed up with their debut full length 'Ghost Blonde' on US label Mexican Summer to much acclaim from buzzier blogs than this.

Though it was their live show which I fell for hardest, No Joy know how to put on a show. From the deafening noise of the first time I saw them at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen to the cumulation at last years Primavera festival in Barcelona I was blown away with the Montreal based duo's (foursome live) non-stop aural assault, heavy on reverb and feedback the guitars where shredded as loud as possible with Jasmine and Laura epitomising the term 'shoegaze' as their long hair covered the faces as they thrashed their guitars amongst pounding beats and thumping bass. For half an hour you were their's in a show that was relentless, adrenalin enhancing fun and noise.

A year later and we've new news, the first track from their forthcoming EP 'Negaverse' (also on Mexican Summer and due June 19th), the track, "Junior" hits hard, seemingly transferring some of the live energy and tempo into the studio with their sweet vocals wrapped in a torrent of fiery guitar and fuzz, short and sharp the track doesn't hang around, but for two and a half minutes it grabs you by the throat and commands you to listen to it, then you'll probably want to press press and do it all over again.