Palmz #2 - Stay This Way Forever

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Despite the rain and gloom that shrouds the weather today, this past weekend showed signs of at last  turning for the better, with warm sunshine instead of grey overcast rain instantly making things seems easier (especially when I happened to be by the seaside), to accompany the sunshine what better than some fun, fuzzy surf rock with retro melodies and jangly pop hooks. There's plenty of places to turn for said musical joy but high on that list for me since I discovered them last October are California's Palmz.

Their early tracks on bandcamp (still available to d/l for free) made such an impression on me that I pushed for a UK release (the 'Grow EP' which came out a few months back on limited tape which you can buy here), now as summertime approaches Palmz are back to melt your hearts and raise your smiles with a new track "Stay This Way Forever", an irresistible ode to finding love in their home-town ("we'll stay this way forever, our love won't die no never"). Upbeat guitars chime around purposeful percussion as Lexie's gorgeous, sugar-sweet vocals cover you with giddy, nostalgic happiness.

Palmz' pretty as a flower melodies will make you forget everything that's on your mind weighing you down and make the sun shine, even on a grey day. They'lll be my soundtrack to summer 2012, they should be yours too.. Listen / download free below: