Savages #2 - Husbands


Savages, now here's a band you've probably seen covered on every blog this week, there's been a buzz around them since pretty much day one, since their debut video hit the 'net (the spellbinding live video of "City's Full" that I covered here in Feb) writers, blogs and I'm sure labels have been falling over themselves to give their two pennies worth on the London based four-piece.

It seems Pitchfork won the behind the scenes fights with an exclusive interview and stream of their first online recording "Husbands", a track which will be the a-side to their aa debut single release 'Husbands / Flying to Berlin' due digitally on May 28th with a 7" promised for June via Jehn's own Pop Noire label with her husband and producer of the record (and musical partner in John & Jehn), John.

Savages probably deserve the buzz, I've seen them a few times already with a couple more planned in the next few weeks (the band headline Shacklewell Arms on May 29th - tickets) and their ferious performances are as outstanding as they are intense, "Husbands" does a good job at bringing that atmosphere to recording, propelled by bassist Ayse Hassan's throbbing post-punk bassline, deep and repetitive they form the backbone of the track, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've been transformed to North West England circa 1979, Jehn's vocals howl and shriek, like Sioxsie 'Ju Ju' era it's gothic voodoo that transfixes as much as it hits you like a freight train.

That's not forgetting the uncompromising drum beats, equally relentless and Gemma's guitar with jagged fits of rage. Savages are a four piece who equally dazzle, this venture maybe new but all four ladies are accomplished musicians who've been around for a while and their potent combination looks set to make them one of success stories of 2012.