She's So Rad #2 - Confetti

When I mentioned She's So Rad at the start of February I had no idea that a few months later Jeremy Toy & Anji Sami would be over in the UK for a fortnight long tour in support of fellow New Zealander Ladyhawke (they're still here with their own London show on May 30th at The Macbeth - details). I'm not surprised that we've warmed to them, their blend of early 90's shoegaze and spiralling synth sounds like it could easily have been made by the latest UK 'buzz band'.

To coincide with the UK shows She's So Rad have released the first track (available for free download below) from their forthcoming, as yet unannounced second album, "Confetti" is an apt title for the multi-layered blend of kaleidoscopic heavy pop soundscapes where shimmering guitar, synth and looped drum patterns create a sweet, dreamy melody that fills your mind with blissful thoughts. Added to the tracks top notch production which adds an extra layer of sheen "Confetti" is sure to win praise from all corners, it's early radio play on Radio One a testimony to that. Once the word gets out, there maybe no stopping them.