Tes Elations #2 - Patience / Album


Last summer I was struck by the first track I heard by LA quintet Tes Elations, the song "Autumn" still impresses, a sensual, smoky track with rat-a-tat drums, gentle guitar rhythms and soaring strings, it sounded fresh and promised much from the band. Since they've been busy finishing their debut album (which was released a few weeks ago and is available direct from the band here). The preview stream tracks hint at a worthwhile purchase...

"Patience" is stunning, a beautiful, haunting atmosphere builds and rises, shimmers and ripples around stirring cello strings, moody drums and the striking vocals of Barrie Rose, it connects with you on both an intellectual and emotional level. Sonically adventurous, the chamber-pop / symphony orchestrations drop for a dreamscape bridge in the middle of the track which signal the introduction of deep tribal drum rhythms and harrowing atmospheres, the tempo gradual rises with the ethereal sighs of Rose starring in a rousing cinematic finale.

It's pretty hard to top that but "May She" does a good job, Rose's vocals command your attention from the outset while a circling heavy beat and strings rhythms duel. Tes Elations densely active and complex ensemble combine to engaging effect, the fusion of classical, rock and world music makes for an atmospheric, compelling and as interesting listen as I could want on this Sunday morning.