Years Away - New Music "Introducing"

One thing pretty much everyone is agreement in, Sweden know how to do pop better than just about anyone. From Abba to Robyn, Lykke Li to The Cardigans, the Scandinavian countries influences has swept through the planet, in more recent times Swedes have increasingly become renowned for electronic music too, with The Knife and more recently Jonna Lee's infamous Iamamiwhoami (oh and of course Eurovision winner Loreen!) taking acclaim for critics and fans alike.

On Tuesday a new hat was thrown into the ring, Years Away (Stockholm duo Anna Berglund & Simon Eriksson), whose initial two tracks are as strong as any I've heard in a long time. "Starting Fires" is an incredible debut, a classy pure pop treat, beautiful, bright keys shine amongst subtle beats and to-die-for vocals, delicate and ethereal, sumptuous and uplifting, "Starting Fires" deserves to be heading to radio-waves around the world.

The slightly more electro-pop "Eraserhead" impresses too, edgier, retro synths provide the electronic heart-beat of the track with afro-beat rhythms and Anna's emotive, intimate vocals literally melting your heart along the way, the sweet, pulsating track is vibrant, soothing and always quite gorgeous.

Quite the start then. Listen below: