Alice Jemima #5 - I Didn't Know What To Expect

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I've already written enough superlatives about Alice Jemima this year that I was left a little awkward when I briefly spoke to Alice after she'd played a beautiful show in the wonderful upper room of Blacks last Monday (a gig hosted by Society of the Golden Slippers - follow the link to keep informed of their shows), pictured (credit Brad Inglis) the intimate room was the perfect showcase to Alice's irresistibly seducing vocals and delicate guitar lines. Bigger (though hopefully equally grandiose) rooms surely await this talented young (Happy 19th for a few weeks ago, Alice!) singer-songwriter from Devon, the watching A&R guys and fellow bloggers (hello me in the picture) surely sensed it too. Now that was a lot of brackets!

Alice returned today (not that she went away, with a Rhianna cover posted on her soundcloud only a few weeks ago and "First Love" posted here last month) with a lovely live video to a new track "I Didn't Know What To Expect". I did and I'm not one bit disappointed. A fleetingly short track at just over two minutes but for its duration you're left devastated by Alice's beautifully hushed vocals, fragile and simple, just genuinely gorgeous.

I've got a handsome Alice Jemima slide collection forming, now all I'm after is some music to spin on my record player!

Edit: this could go horribly wrong, my first ever attempt at Blogger app for the iPhone. Since I wrote this blog I've come to learn that this track is in fact the first of five new tracks to be shared in a similar manner this week. If that's not something to get excited about, I'm not sure what is!