Alice Jemima #6 - One a Day Update

The last week of June 2012 should probably be renamed Alice Jemima week, with some parts of the country wallowing in football misery, muggy weather (I've missed the floods) and Wimbledon (though the guy nobody had heard of beating Nadal was pretty fun) what better to pick you up as we approach the weekend than an update on the 'One a Day' series from one of the most delicious voices posted here on a (possibly too) frequent basis.

Indeed, I've already posted about day one's track "I Didn't Know What To Expect" on Monday and today I'm bringing the next two (I know you can stream day four and maybe even five now too but I'm running behind). ..

I'm loving this series, Alice has already spoilt us with various self-recorded demos and these live tracks serve as a perfect compliment, seemingly recorded around Alice's house with some bespoke decoration in the background the intimate nature of the videos only adds to the charm and character, it's fair to say I completely adore day three's track, the perfectly titled "Sweeter Kind", a sweeter kind is exactly the sort of description to describe Alice's music, though a comment on youtube maybe hits the nail on the head ever better "You can put so much across with just your voice and a few simple notes. Very nice."

Day two's "Say It" similarly shines using just those attributes, guitar twangs and sincere vocals, effortless and defyingly beautiful. See you in a few days for the final tracks no doubt!