All Eyes - New Music "Introducing"

All Eyes are a new band from Minneapolis, a city forever in my heart due to one of its most famous sons Prince (don't worry non purple folk, All Eyes sound nothing like Prince) who've recently upload a trio of tracks to their bandcamp that provide a sneak preview to what appears to be their forthcoming debut release Shelf Life (I can't find anything to confirm that)...

Highlight "All I Want" excites immediately, combining spacey noir electronics, atmospheric guitar and dominating drums beats to delicious effects, building in momentum the shimmering shoegaze sound perfectly complements the siren like vocals of Alicia Wiley, gliding effortlessly in the mix her soft, breathy and seductive purr will steal your attention (and most likely your heart too).

The more experimental "Clean Slate" takes a languid, hazy trip through dark, brooding Portishead inspired sounds, the vocals are beautiful again and the guitar effects add an eerie ambience that will linger in your mind long after you've finished listening. Quite the start then.