Beautiful Strange Update

Is there better time for a bit of self-promotion than a double bank holiday weekend? Yes, that's probably the short answer. Half of this blogs normal readership (I naturally assume most people who read this thing are about my age group, 30 (ish) - do tell me if I'm wrong) are probably in the pub for the third consecutive day by now.

Hopefully as a result avoiding what looks like a nationwide mass BNP rally in your town centre. I'm not actually anti-monarchy, they serve the country well in some ways but waving flags to celebrate them is a little bit out of my satisfaction level, arguably less than a three week (and continuing) propaganda campaign about the Olympic fucking flame but that's a whole different issue (and one I won't be bothering with here)...

I've four incredible shows lined-up billed under my promoting name 'Beautiful Strange' to talk about (head to to miss the spiel and see whom), I have actually been asked a few times why I didn't continue with the blog title for the promoting... simply, I don't think it translates too well and I like the name Beautiful Strange, it actually sums up the sort of music I seem to like pretty well (and it's also the name of a Prince song). Right, less waffle, more plugging.

I've got two events coming up in the next couple of weeks, pretty different sort of shows but equally amazing. First on Tuesday June 12th at The Old Queen's Head, Islington a single launch for the wonderful Brighton / London five piece Shrag. Their new single 'Show Us Your Canines' is due via WIAIWYA / Fortuna POP! on Monday 4th and after a false-dawn of a release show, Beautiful Strange was delighted to jump in to host the event. Support comes from label-mates Evans The Death and Chips For The Poor and tickets are just £5 from wegottickets - it'd be great if you could come and say hello.

Then the very next day, Wednesday 13th June in the gorgeous St Margaret's Chapel at The Gallery Cafe (pictured here at the last night I hosted there, a sold-out This is the Kit show) the incredibly talented Shura playing a very special acoustic, unplugged show.

This one is going to be incredible, listen to her 'Nght flk' EP for proof, on record it gives you that spine-tingling sensation, live it's going to be a whole different level. The chapel room is gorgeous and intimate - fitting no more than 45 people, gigs there offer 'one of those moments'.  Support comes from the amazing Worry Dolls, another band I've had my eye on for a while and can't wait to hear live.

Tickets for this one are just £4 and available here.

Further ahead I've got Tender Trap, one of my favourite new bands September Girls and Cosines for an Indietracks warm-up show on July 4th and another event with a clean sweep of acts previously blogged on July 10th (at The Old Queen's Head again) Just Handshakes (We're British), Alloy Ark and Curxes. Further details and links to facebook events etc can be found via tumblr. There's also news of a release with Fountains for those of you interested in that sort of thing...

I'll leave the plug there, I understand people don't visit this blog to get events chucked down their throats, but they are the sort of thing that perhaps those of you London based are interested in, after all this is a music blog about music I like and my events are exactly that. Now where was I, oh yeah, Rule, Britannia!