The Belle Game - New Music "Introducing"

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A new discovery for me, although not a new band, Vancouver / Montreal based five piece (though it looks like they used to be seven) The Belle Game came to my attention through their new single, the splendid "Wasted Light" which follows an EP from late year (which has promptly been added to my 'to listen' pile) and is the first taster of the album 'Ritual, Tradition, Habit' due later this year.

"Wasted Light" is a fantastic introduction for those like me who haven't come across the band before, metronomic kick drum, ambient guitar shimmers and chiming keys provide the platform for the beautiful crafted track to progressively build, the layered instrumentation is both luscious and joyous as crashing crescendos ebb and flow around the ethereal vocals of Andrea Lo, with the gorgeous backing harmonies equally sumptuous, the track gets better and better as it progresses, the bellowing trumpet finale my highlight.

A track you'll want to listen to over and over again, which you can as "Wasted Light" is available to download for whatever price you like via bandcamp