Chastity Belt - New Music "Introducing"

Staying across the pond but moving to the incredibly named Walla Walla, Washington, four piece Chastity Belt were guaranteed a listen when I smiled at their self-deprecating review, 'This is the worst music you will ever hear. Chastity Belt is the worst band to ever exist'... 

Obviously they're not, sure the all-girl quartet's noise-pop is shambolic, raw and with tracks entitled "Vagina", "Porn Star" and lyrics such as "This is sex, this is war, this is me fucking you on the dance floor" (from "James Dean") I doubt the American equivilent of the Ivor Novello's will be calling anytime soon but it's also fun, not-at all serious fun, that's all we need in our lives sometimes isn't it? With news of economic melt-down, death and misery all too aplenty what better than some loud, rioutous garage / party punk from four girls just out of college.

Their debut EP, aptly titled Fuck Chastity Belt exudes bucket-loads of youthful charisma and starts with possibly the strongest song (and most structured) "God Damn" which instantly begins with the choruses repeated exasperations, based around laxidasical guitar melodies and drum splatterings, "James Dean" continues in similar fashion, in your face lyrics (as previously mentioned), screaming vocal echoes and chaotic mosh inducing noise, Chastity Belt aren't I band I'd pick to listen to whilst I was trying to study something, you'll soon find your brain somewhere else.

You can get a digital copy of the EP now via bandcamp on a pay what you like basis with a whole host of similiar no-nonsense tracks up on their soundcloud to stream. One final tip, don't ever (I do mean ever) search 'Chastity Belt' in tumblr. Just don't.