Chelsea Wolfe #7 - Flatlines (live session)

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If I could get away with it I'd probably write about Chelsea Wolfe on a weekly basis but no doubt you'd get bored of my superlatives so I tend to wait for major updates, this post is half that. It's not quite confirmed news of her forthcoming album, yet, although the note that came with this incredible live session track states that 'Chelsea Wolfe performs her song "Flatlands" from her soon to be released acoustic album coming out on Sargent House in the Fall of 2012'. That's good enough for me!

This live version of "Flatlines" sets the mark incredibly high for the album, though a noticeable departure from her two official albums to date for "Flatlines" is really not dark at all, musically anyway, her trademark bleak and eerie tension replaced with something simpler and just achingly beautiful. The finger picking of Chelsea's acoustic guitar is delicate and soft, the backing violins devastating whilst Chelsea's hushed whispers are truly gorgeous, the introspective beauty in her words sure to bring goosebumps to many.

Google searching leads me to discover it's an old track which was once upon a time available on a 'tour cd' in 2009, you lucky so and so's who have a copy of that. I've also included a gut wrenching rendition of "Halfsleeper" from Chelsea's debut below, spine-tingling, sensational, soothing. Whatever you want to call it, it's amazing.

After my seemingly endless wait for Chelsea Wolfe to play in the UK I finally got the chance to see her in April on what was the first show of her European tour at the Old Blue Last, a packed, hot room was reduced to silence as Chelsea and band performed a breathtaking set, highlights a many, it was loud, powerful and haunting, pretty much everytrhing I was hoping. Chelsea commanded the room with her ghostly voice and dramatic soundscapes, the drum beat increasingly dominant whilst guitars and keys were used to create the nightmarish ambience. A pretty special night I'm sure all who were there would testify to.

Criticisms? None really but patience has never been one of my strongest attributes so please can we get some more UK dates announced! I'd be equally delighted with a full band set or an acoustic tour.