Haim - Forever (Video)

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As I previously mentioned in my review of The Great Escape, my favourite band of the weekend was a band I'd hardly listened to before it, one who'd been swept up in a frenzy of Internet buzz since they were one of NME's (amongst many others) highlights of SXSW and one I was unsure I'd be able to get along with in a live arena, I very quickly learnt that I did and Haim were my pick of TGE 2012. It wasn't just me either, both of my friends I shared a B&B with (and who actually saw the LA sister's other show) agreed as did may other writers and bloggers...

Haim had it all, brimming with confidence, personality and dare I say it 'cool' their harmonies are to-die-for and their guitar playing sensational, the live drumming intense and powerful, their live show oozed 70's American rock meet Fleetwood Mac which may or may not be apparent in their recorded material, of which so far is more anthemic and poppy, "Better Off" is big and bold with a harder synth edge than I remember from the live show while "Go Slow" is just gorgeous, a sultry, slow-motion groove that is probably the originator of the R&B references doing the rounds.

The band have just released a new video for probably the strongest of the three, "Forever", a hot, funk-laden melody and jagged guitars, it's got bounce, style and substance, one I dare even the grumpiest of grumps (that's quite often me) not to like. The video interlaces old footage of the girls on bikes with more recent footage where the bikes are somewhat upgraded alongside some rather suspect dancing in a hairdressers, who knows...

What is next for them? I'm going to guess a backlash. This is 2012, this is the Internet when a band gets popular they get slated, it's part and parcel... One thing for certain is that major labels will be trying their hardest to get them on board, Haim will be massive for sure but why do the words 'major' or 'mainstream' have to be frowned upon on blogs? I'm not sure, this one is simply a chronicle of my recent music tastes, I don't claim to have the answers. I'll let people who want to slate bands they don't care for do what they want to as long as it doesn't interfere with my enjoyment (I'm looking at you people who go to gigs and decide to chat), I'd rather post about the positives, it's slightly more rewarding.

Haim's debut EP also entilted 'Foever' is still available to download for free via their website. They also return to the UK, playing a sold-out show at The Barfly on Monday 18th June, I'll see anyone lucky enough to have tickets there.