Hella Better Dancer #3 - Spring Demos


One of my favourite bands of 2012 Hella Better Dancer have had a busy start to the year, with numerous live shows already under their belt and more lined-up over the forthcoming months, a drummer change and one CD already released (February's incredible Living Room) you'd be forgiven for allowing the London four piece some time to rest and record new material, instead, Hella Better Dancer have offered yet more new music, with the release of a new three track digital demo EP, the aptly titled Spring Demos.

More akin to their excellent live performances than the sparse, reverb-heavy beauty of the home-recorded project, Living Room, the three tracks highlight the young bands exceptional songcraft and gift for melody, exhibiting seemingly effortless progression through their career already "Dull" is a perfect example, the lead guitar has a bright, jangly rhythm which combines with chugging backing guitar and a driving rhythm section, luscious and melodic, the swirling atmosphere is explosive and powerful with Tilly's vocal as breathtaking as ever.

"Move Back In" and "Take This are equally worthy of my praise, the latter's sparkly riffs and punchy beats, the formers echoey guitar pop is moody yet quirky and catchy, these demos are the sound of a band comfortable with their craft and getting better.

You can download the Spring Demos for as little as you like (or as much, be generous) right now from HBD's bandcamp with physical version of the Living Room CD available now for just £2.50 here.