Laneway - Love is a Devil


Laneway are Louise O’Reilly and Paul Hannan from Brisbane, Australia, "Love is a Devil" is the first single from their forthcoming album Turn Your Love Up (due September), the track serves as my introduction to the alt-folk duo and is a welcome listen today, which finds me still recovering from England's Euro exit (well the excessive beers and late night as a consequence of), the mellow, laid-back track is perfect to soothe my tired, aching mind and limbs.

Evoking wistful memories the slow, dreamy pacing and moody, melancholic haze would fit perfectly in a soundtrack to parts of Kill Bill, where The Bride is in Texas, before the wedding / chasing Budd / Elle Driver, down-tempo drums, dusty guitar twangs and a lone organ meander around Louise's sultry vocals, making you wish you were driving through American west tapping your boots to the beat, an early summers London day will have to make do. Gorgeous.